The project aims to exchange good practice and experience and to support each other.

Five schools from the Baltic region gather around the ecological situation of the Baltic Sea to raise their students' awareness of its pollution and possible solutions that could be taken to protect our sea from dying out.

By carrying out this project, other target aims will be intended to be achieved as well, such as: developing language skills outside the curriculum, creating an interest towards new didactics and language teaching methods, developing intercultural competence and finally activating a positive view of the European Union.

Concerning a foreign languages, this gives the learners the ability to speak their minds about the target subject which is the Baltic Sea and its protection. This will lead to the ability to cooperate, negotiate and compromise in the target issue. Intercultural understanding begins with individuals who have language abilities and who can thereby provide one’s own nation or community with an insider’s view into foreign cultures.

Regarding the benefits for the teaching staff, exchanging good practices and successes will allow the teachers to address their professional needs, re-evaluate and refresh their work methods. International partnership will enrich the inner character of our institutions and give their profiles an European dimension. It will provide everybody involved with an opportunity to examine their belief system and learn from the cultural wisdom of the other nation.

Planned activities are of 3 types:

- inside the schools

- between the schools

- in local communities  

During the project we will work with students by investigating the core role that environmental protection has in creation of the European concept of life.

Working in the priority of  multilingualism, the main objectives of the action are:

- creating a long-term awareness of  the contamination of the Baltic Sea

- cooperation on ecological issue

- improving the English language competence

- bridging the gap between cultures by using English as a means of communication

- enabling immigrants to integrate more rapidly into our society

Concrete information referring to the project:  active participants are going to take part in it, including teachers and students, the exchanges will stretch during a period of 30 months. The communication will be via digital media which will enable to form international teams so as to perform the following activities: surveys, taking part in workshops and lectures, cleaning the beaches, examining the water quality and presenting the results, learning the different cultures and creating a photo novel.

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